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Homeowners and office workers love the natural light that large windows provide. However, these large windows and glass walls quickly heat the interior of a space, which results in high cooling costs during the hot months. Solar window tinting as a solution offers a viable option for controlling the sun’s heat while allowing natural light into an interior space.

Commercial window tinting offers numerous benefits for both homes and offices. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of solar window tinting for your home or commercial building.

Pros of Window Tinting

Reduces Energy Costs. Solar window tinting can minimize energy cooling costs by as much as 40%. It offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient option for replacing the windows in a home or office building.

Blocks UV Rays. Window tinting blocks up to 99% of ultra-violet light coming through a window. UV rays can quickly fade interiors like drapery, carpets, upholstery, artwork, office equipment, and computers.

Increased Comfort. By reducing harsh sun and heat, solar window film quickly increases comfort levels to a home or office environment. Keeping intense heat out, softens the light and glare and creates more even temperatures year-round.

Cons of Window Tinting

Voided Warranties. In case you have new windows, some manufacturers’ warranties may be voided by applying window tinting or film. That is why it’s best to check your warranty to make sure you can add window tinting without voiding your warranty.

Application Problems. Some specific types of windows and doors may make commercial window tinting more challenging to install. For example, French doors and windows with many individual panes and mullions are harder to handle with a smooth application, resulting in a bubbly-looking finished appearance.

Quality Issues. Window tinting and films can vary greatly in quality. Therefore, before investing in the application for your home or office, look for certified films by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

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