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There are several benefits of tinting the windows of your home, office, and cars. The primary reason for some people can be an added layer of privacy, while for others, it can be the reduced glare from sunlight. So let us not wait anymore and have a look at the top 5 benefits of window tinting.

Top 5 Benefits of window tinting

UV Protection 

Window film almost blocks 99% of sunlight from entering your home, office, or car. It keeps your skin safe from the harmful radiation and also keeps it cool. By blocking the UV rays, window films also keep your interior, furniture, and paintings safe from fading and discoloration.


Window tinting lets you keep an eye on the outside while preventing others from peeping inside. You can choose from different grades of films depending on the amount of privacy you need.


Tinted windows either of your home or office, gives a peaceful and comfortable feel to a room. While adding privacy and keeping your room cool, window film can make everyone love it. The real comfort can be felt in the summertime, as tinted windows keep your office room or bedroom cool and fresh. Though the benefits are present for the winters too.

Energy savings

Window tinting can easily bring down the numbers on your energy bills. The numbers rise very high in summers due to the heat gain through windows. Window tinting can reduce the heat gain by up to 80% while lowering the bills. The formula also applies in winters. The tinted window prevents the heat inside a room from escaping, thus causing your heater to work less and ultimately reducing energy bills during winters too.


If a window breaks by accident or by an attempt by an intruder, window films can hold the broken pieces of glass together and prevent it from shattering.

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