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Summer has just begun, but it’s already unbearably hot in Houston. As you make your summer plans, why not consider getting window films installed? Summer is the perfect time of year to reap the amazing benefits of these window treatments. Keep reading to learn how window films can help you have fun in the sun.

Cool Your Home Naturally

Window films block 85% of heat-causing rays from entering your home, creating a natural cooling effect. While fans and air conditioners can cool you down, window films will actually reduce the overall temperature of your house.

Reduce Your Electric Bill

By cooling your home down naturally, window films will make you less reliant on expensive air conditioners. Some customers see their electricity bills reduced by 50% after having window films installed! Window films are also a long-lasting treatment, meaning these energy savings will continue year after year.

Enjoy the Sun Again

With window films, you can enjoy the sunshine without having to deal with some of its more annoying characteristics. In addition to their cooling effect, window films also reduce glare and enhance views, allowing you to fall in love with the sun again.

Reduce Furniture Fading

The bright summer sun can be dangerous for furniture. Window films in a sunny room will help prevent fading by blocking damaging rays. Keep your furniture looking like new!

Get UV Protection

Perhaps the best reason to get window films is that they can protect your health. UV rays can cause sun damage, eye problems, and even skin cancer. Window films block 99% of UV rays so you can stay protected while still enjoying the view.

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