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Highly decorative window films can provide privacy, energy-efficiency and decoration. They can also add security and brighten a cold business atmosphere.

Many business owners looking to change or update the atmosphere around their offices or storefronts, should consider window films. They can be used to frost windows or provide a light filter to protect storefront displays and interior designs. Window films can send a message to the community in the form of lettering or logos to display your brand.

Adding window films could have the same effect as a new coat of paint for some brick, concrete and metal exteriors. Darkened films make brick and concrete exteriors warmer, while frosted films add warmth to cold metal exteriors.

Add Privacy With Decorative Window Films

Window films can provide added security and privacy by frosting or darkening office windows, or even interior glass, to create a warm atmosphere. The workers inside can see out and enjoy a sunny day, but outsiders cannot peer in and disturb or distract workers.

Adding a light haze or frost to interior windows can add a little privacy in an otherwise open-bay atmosphere where glass is the only partition between offices. Frosted window films can be inscribed with the office occupant’s name and title to add a professional appearance, even in small businesses.

Business owners can transform large storefront windows and doors into an advertising display by incorporating company logos, brand recognition and event announcements as part of their window films.

Energy-Efficient Window Films

By now, everyone knows window films provide energy savings. Large storefront windows let in tons of light and heat on hot Texas afternoons. Not only will adding window films protect furnishings and decrease UV-ray damage to displays, interior designs and window displays, it will allow your HVAC and heat pumps to work more efficiently.

Adding window films as light filters will illuminate your business while allowing the sun to peer into the worker’s space and keep it warm and cozy during the cold Texas winter months.

Sun Masters

Contact Sun Masters, (281) 351-4363, for high-quality window films that save money on heat and air, provide privacy for your staff, are an advertising medium, and are an inexpensive method of changing the appearance of your business without new paint or exterior facades.

Visit the Commercial Gallery on our website and see what other business owners in the Houston area are doing with their exteriors. You can start saving right away with our window films. Use the contact form to get an appointment for a free estimate, today.

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