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Interested in a design concept that will dramatically transform the look and feel of your home entryway in just minutes? Add style and function to your windows with decorative films. With an expansive assortment of styles to choose from, you can create the perfect first impression to welcome guests in a way that sets your home apart.

Decorative Film: An Inexpensive Alternative to Remodeling

If you’d like to spice up your foyer and improve your privacy, decorative window film may be just the thing for you. Window coverings like drapes or blinds can make an entryway feel less spacious. With just a thin layer of textured decorative film, your windows come alive, adding renewed vitality to your entrance décor.

Decorative films offer a wealth of design options to spark your imagination and present your entrance in a whole new light. Give your windows depth and character with an etched glass decorative film.

The diffused sunrays sifting through a sandblasted decorative film will reduce glare and bathe your entrance in a warm, flattering glow. All this at a fraction of the cost of sandblasting the glass; and best of all, it’s easy to replace, to accommodate your future design ideas.

Window replacements can be a huge expense, particularly for the larger-sized panes common to home or office entryways. Decorative film is a cost-efficient alternative to replacing your windows when they have become pitted or faded over time. Without the mess and major investment of time-consuming glass replacement, your ho-hum hallway can metamorphose into a stunning corridor.

Improve Comfort and Energy Efficiency

The advantages of decorative films go beyond aesthetic appeal. Their sun-filtering properties also protect against fading fabrics and upholstery, and it is warrantied for life. Your furnishings and artwork will look vivid longer, thanks to the reduced glare and UV protection of decorative film.

Your home interior will stay cooler naturally, with decorative film providing a thermal shield from the sun’s rays. You’ll lower your energy bills and extend the life of your HVAC unit, which will have to work a lot less to keep your interior cool during Houston’s hot summer months.

Sun Masters offers professional installation of a wide selection of decorative window film. We will transform your home or business with high-quality film in any style you choose. Call 281-351-4363 today, for a free estimate on the decorative film that will give you the form and function you’re looking for in your home entryway.

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