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What is Shatter-Resistant Glass?

A shatter-resistant glass is a laminated glass, with two or more sheets of glass combined together with an invisible interlayer of compounds such as polyvinyl or resin. If someone tries to break it, instead of breaking into sharp pieces, it will crack like a spider web but will not actually break. Choosing shatterproof glass for all the doors and windows of your home has many benefits.


Although glass is strong and durable, accidents come uninvited. You never know when a stray baseball or golf ball hit one of your windows. But accidents can also happen due to harsh weather conditions. During heavy winds and thunderstorms, lawn furniture or tree limbs can come crashing into your windows. Just like that, severe hailstorms can also be damaging.

The most important factor here is a personal injury due to flying glass, which can be mild to severe. And having pets can add up to your worries. Apart from that, flying glass can also damage floors, furniture, and carpets. If you have installed shatterproof glass, you don’t have to worry about them breaking and scattering all over your place. It is very easy to repair and clean if you don’t have to worry about being cut by it.


If the pieces of glass hold together instead of breaking, it forms a very strong bond. Because of it, if anyone tries to get through a door or window, it will take much longer. Burglars try to find the easy target with minimum risks involved. If your shatterproof glass is combined with an alarm system, thieves will be extra careful with your house and would want to skip taking a chance.

If you are looking for a glass supply company that you can trust with the safety and security of your house, Sun Masters Window Tinting is all you need. Call us today at 281-351-4363 to get a free quote.

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