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Regular windows are turned into privacy windows by adding a layer of self-adhesive film on them. It allows you to create private separations without losing the available light. You can use privacy windows in various places. However, its most common use is in the bathrooms.

Privacy film gives your glass a milky or misty shade as well as it makes it reflective. There are many types of privacy films. All have their specialties and features.

Reflective Window Film

They give your window a reflective or mirror-like view on one side, by reflecting some light. However, it allows most of the solar light to pass into your house. This traps the heat inside, which makes your house warmer during the winters. Although this film provides a good quality of one side privacy for the daytime, it does not work at night time.

Frosted window film

This type of film provides good privacy on both sides of the window; in addition, it allows the right amount of light to pass through. It gives your window a cloudy look and a unique private setting.

Colored window films

These windows let you choose from a variety of available colors that suits the setting of your house or office. These films block most the light and provide a dense and dark environment to your space.

Decorative films

Patterned or decorative films are also available. You can choose patterned films with floral, lining, or check textures. It gives you an option to add privacy in a stylish look.

Adding a privacy film to your regular windows is way cheaper than buying privacy windows from the market. All in all whatever type of film, color, or style you choose, call Sun Masters, Houston’s top residential & commercial tinting company, to get the best service.

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