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Is your window tint looking a little too…bubbly?

Problems with residential or commercial window tints are not something new. If you notice bubbles forming under your window tint, it could either be one of the signs of deterioration or something else. So what exactly is responsible for the bubbles under your window tint? And what can you do to resolve this issue? Continue reading this blog to find out.

What Causes Bubbles to Form Under Your Window Tint?

Bubbles can make your window film look unsightly, ruining the look of your space. Knowing the window tinting process might help you understand why these bubbles form.

It is usual for bubbles to appear when a tint is newly installed. This is because the film gradually becomes taut as it sets, eliminating the bubbles. Nonetheless, it might be concerning when the bubbles last much longer than you would expect them to.

Window tint bubbles usually tend to last longer if there is dirt on the window before you place the film. Consequently, it traps some air around it, which expands, especially if there’s a lot of exposure to sunlight.

Hence, the dust particles provide a ‘seed’ for the bubbles to form. Coupled with sun exposure, your window tints become unpleasant to the eye over time. Therefore, you should always hire experienced professionals to handle such a job. In addition, cleaning windows before the film is applied can save you a lot of money on getting them redone.

How to Prevent Window Tint Bubbles from Forming?

There are a few helpful steps you can take to ensure your window tint doesn’t develop bubbles.

1. Clean the Windows Firstly, of course, it is suggested that you go for a professional window cleaning before installing film. You can also clean window tints yourself, but a professional job is much better and ensures the surface is cleaned. Moreover, you can opt for a service with insurance and a money-back guarantee.

2. Quality Tints
In addition to a professional window cleaning service, ensure that you choose a credible window tinting company. This will ensure that the final product of tinting comes out correctly. Therefore, it’s better to spend money on a good tinting job than pay later on the consequences of a bad one.

3. Professional Tinting Service
After cleaning the tints and getting quality tints, your job is not done. Putting on window tints is not as easy as applying stickers on a birthday card. You’ll need an expert who can follow the industry-respected guidelines for a proper appearance. Thus, you can reach out to a tint technician. Furthermore, you can check online reviews and even ask the concerned company to show their portfolio.

If you’re thinking of installing the tint on your own, make sure you’re up to date on the instructions and requirements.

What’s Next?

In conclusion, bubbles can form under your window tint if it is new. However, bubbles last longer when there’s contamination under the tint. This means you didn’t get the windows cleaned before applying the tint. As a result, window tint bubbles appear due to dirt particles, especially if there’s excessive exposure to sunlight. To avoid low-quality films or tints, look through the best options on Sun Masters Window Tinting. You can reach out to us at (281) 351-4363.

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