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It was very common to see painted windows back in the day because people wanted to cool their homes, which was the only way to keep the sun out. And then we had window films which is one of the most common elements we have in our homes to keep the heat out. It’s an evolution that our people did back in the days when they discovered colored glass, and it evolved more when stained glass was discovered and became what we know as tinted glass technology.

What Is The History Of Window Films

This all started back in nineteen sixty-six when engineers first created window films. But only after the nineteen-eighties, the awareness of window films widely spread, and people started buying them.

But still, back in the days, the options were limited. A consumer’s only options were from a silver or bronze version. Although it was good enough to serve its purpose to shield their homes and let the heat stay out, it was aesthetically not very appealing. But when there are no options, you are quite happy with what you have.

As technology advanced, we now have a range of windows films to choose from. Customers can choose the type of film they want to install on their windows; and they can choose between several looks, colors, functions, and budgets. As its purpose has always been to keep the heat out, solar window films are the latest in the window film range. It’s something that will do its job, and you won’t even notice it’s installed.

What’s In It For You?

The most important after-sales service that has been an offering since the beginning is its warranty. When you talk about window film, why not talk to the best in the industry. Speak to our teams at Sun Masters Window Tinting. We do not only have the best products, but even our team is outstanding in helping you understand the best products. When it comes to service, there is no one else like us. Call us at 281-351-4363 and speak to our teams now.

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