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In this modern-day, many people may not notice that window glass is different from the past. Some people who still love the antiquity, usually ask why old window glass is wavy.

Here in this article, we will take an in-depth look into why older windows were wavy.

Why Old Window Glass is Wavy?

There were two types of glass in the 19th century. The first type is crown glass, and the second is called cylinder glass, which was later introduced in the 19th century.

Both types were made by heating the glass and blowing it. The blowing formed the ripple effect that contributed to the wavy characteristic of every windowpane produced during that time.

Crown Glass

You may wonder how the crown glass looks. It is just a form of glass that is circular.

Crown glass was formed in front of a furnace to keep it hot and fluid so it could form a circular shape by blowing and spinning it. However, the popularity of crown glass vanished quickly as it could not be used in larger windows due to its awkward nature. Thus, the making of cylinder glass started.

Cylinder Glass

You can easily imagine how cylinder glass looks like. It looks the same as our drinking glass.

Cylinder glass became the choice of all because it could be manufactured not only in a cylindrical shape but also in glass sheets. Hence, larger windows that would require a much larger window pane could then be made using this type of glass sheet instead of multiple crown glass pieces.

Using Older Windows Today

If you have an old wavy glass window, leave it as it is. It does not mean that the window is damaged by time. Many people love the unique designs that are remains of the past, signifying the house has a history to it.

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