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Are you bored of your plain, clear windows? If you are looking for a way to add privacy to your home with a sprinkle of aesthetics, you should consider getting decorative window film. You can add them anywhere— your kitchen, bedroom, drawing room, bathroom, or any window in your house. Also, they are self-adhesive films available in different designs and shades. You can experiment by adding a pop of color to any room of your house, and the best part? You can remove them easily!

What are the Types of Decorative Window Films?

1. Stained Glass Window Films
Stained glass window films are easy to achieve the stained glass effect, and they add a pop of color, brightening up any area. Plus, they can be very mesmerizing.

2. Textured Window Films
Textured window film obscures view while adding privacy to an area. In addition, it has delicate textures and embossed designs, similar to the textured glass, that add a decorative element to your windows.

3. Frosted Glass Window Films
Frosted glass window films add privacy by making your window glass look acid-etched or sandblasted. They give you needed privacy as well as filtered natural light.

4. Etched Glass Window Film
Etched glass window films give the appearance of cut or acid etched glass. Moreover, they provide light and a decorative element to your windows.

What are the Benefits of Decorative Window Films?

Decorative films can be beneficial in more than one way. We will give you six reasons why:

1. Adds Charm
Firstly, with these films, you can enhance any area with the help of these window films. They will add beauty and a certain appeal to your windows, thus enhancing the charm of your space.

2. Easy to Apply & Remove
The best part about these window films is you can easily attach them to the glass of your window. And if you grow bored of it? You can remove them just as easily.

3. Easy Maintenance
You can easily wipe your windows clean, and they will look as good as new. Decorative films are a better option than glass, which collects dust particles and takes a while to get clean.

4. Gives You Privacy
They are great for giving you privacy as they obscure the view. You can remain at ease, with light filtering through, and no one peering through the see-through windows. They can give you privacy while allowing you to work or live in an open area.

5. A Plethora of Options
You have a large variety to choose from if you go with decorative films for your window. There are intricate designs, patterns, stained glass, and all you can ask for.

6. Costs Less
They are pocket-friendly. Therefore, you can get all the benefits of textured, frosted, etched, or stained glass at a much more affordable price.


Decorative films for windows come with many benefits to offer. You can go for a patterned or opaque or any kind of film, and it will give you privacy, filtered light, and hassle-free maintenance. On top of that, they add a wow factor to your space! If you want one, just contact Sun Masters Window Tinting at 281-932-0643 or leave a mail at

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