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The windows of your home and office are as important as it gives it a look and feels. The space feels open, allows air and sunlight to flow in, and keeps the area fresh. But did you know that if your windows are open; you are inviting strangers to peek into your homes and offices? And if you shut the windows and turn on the AC system, it will lead you to high energy consumption and increase your bills. Hence one option you have is to use a reflective window film.

It not only provides privacy but lets you see what’s happening outside; keeps the area comfortable, and reduces the amount of heat that is coming in. It rejects the heat from passing through, only allowing light to pass by, which does not warm up your area.

So What Is A Reflective Window Film?

A reflective window film is a special type of film produced to reflect sunlight like a mirror. It does not allow anyone to look inside but only allows you to look outside. As well as, significantly reduces heat and glare to pass by.

What Are Some Reflective Window Films Available

There are a lot of options if you are looking for reflective window films. It’s quite popular because of its properties and how it makes things easier for the user when compared to not using a window film. So what are the options?

One Way Mirror Like Film: This is one of the most common reflective window films you will get. It offers privacy during the day and allows light to pass in, but some other versions of a one-way reflective film have a high view outside rate and low view inside rate but still are good at blocking heat and glare. These offer up to twenty-eight percent heat reduction.

Silver Type Film: The silver reflective window film series offers a good combination of heat reduction, privacy, and cost. It allows about twenty percent of heat blocking up to thirty-five and fifty percent (depending on the model you opt for). But one of its advantages is that you can get it at a better price hence making it affordable for you.

Dual Reflective Film: Another popular demand is the dual-reflective window film because this offers a reflective layer on the outside and inside. This allows more privacy, more reduction of heat and solar, but gives a little darker view. It looks more reflective and offers privacy even at night times.

Now that you are ready about reflective window film; its types, benefits, and uses; we hope you have made up your mind on which type of film you are looking to go ahead with for your home. But if you are still unsure, you can always visit Sun Masters Window Tinting; and speak to our window filming experts who have been working with window films for many years. Our team has extensive experience and will guide you with which is the best film for your homes or offices based on your requirement and budget. Call us now to enquire more at 281-351-4363.

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