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Just imagine you are enjoying a movie night at home where you’re distracted by the lights of passing by cars or even the street lights. There are times when you are trying to get a good night’s sleep but can’t stop stressing about people peeping inside?
While you can use more conventional options like curtains and blinds to help with this, sometimes, they aren’t needed to hide the beautiful window.

In this matter, how will privacy window film will help you?

Window film is a thin polyester layer applied to glass surfaces, controlling the lighting inside your space and blocking solar and ultraviolet rays.
While, at night, privacy window film secures your interiors by preventing light from entering your home.
This results in greater security, preventing robbers and other crimes. It’s also a great way of blocking distracting sights and light that can ruin a good night’s rest.

What Types Of Film Can You Use Significantly For Nighttime Privacy?

There are various window film types for nighttime privacy each has a different design and light-controlling properties, giving you multiple choices to match your privacy needs.

  1. Reflective Film:
    This film will give you a view of the outside while at the same time preventing anyone from being able to look inside as they would only see blacked-out windows.
    + This window film will also help to reduce indoor heat.
  2. Frosted Film:
    The frosted film mimics frosted glass and creates a translucent background. The light from both sides of the window will refract as it passes. This will not black out your rooms. Ultimately, the only change would be that it will be translucent, creating streetlights and sunlight to blur out. Whether night or day, its ability to enhance your privacy remains the same.
    + This window film can help create a cooler and more comfortable indoor environment by filtering sunrays entering your home.
  3. Smart Glass Window Film:
    Do you prefer a smart home where everything is done with a snap of a finger? If so, then the switchable smart glass is definitely for you. It will greatly impact your home and block only the interior view from the outside when you switch on the smart glass. It blocks the lights from the outside at night. Furthermore, these options are available with different levels of opacity allowing you to control the window film.
    + Smart glass window film can block out harmful UV rays.

Final takeaway

Your home is supposed to be your haven of comfort, safety, and happiness. The Sun Masters are always there to provide you with the best quality and services in town. Contact us at (281) 932-0643 for more information.

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