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Harmful UV rays can ruin your furniture, make your home uncomfortable and make your cooling system work harder. You need a quick and easy solution. Window films can be used on your existing windows to block harmful rays from penetrating into your living spaces. These films can be tinted to create privacy or transparent to preserve your view. Window films provide the protection you need to prevent the fabric from fading and reduce harmful rays that penetrate regular windows. Not only that, but your reduced cooling/heating system output will result in energy cost savings.

Why Window Films?

Window films used over existing windows make it a no-brainer as far as energy savings are concerned. Window films are often utilized to block or reduce the sun’s harmful radiation. It offers blocking properties and shade from the sun, plus safety and privacy features. Window films consist of properties that effectively reject heat rays and can also help keep heating costs down.

There are a number of factors to consider with window films. A good low-emissivity coating can reduce or eliminate solar radiation on glazed windows. It does this by blocking or reducing heat transfer to the outside. In the wintertime, window films provide a barrier to prevent heat from escaping through your windows, by providing a layer of insulation.

WhichWindow FilmsWill Fit My Needs?

Temperate climates do well with window films that have thermal properties, such as heat-reflecting and UV-blocking technology. The type of existing glass is often the determining factor for what type of window films to use. Breakage can occur with improper placement. Sun Masters can help you determine the right window films.

Older glazed windows, for example, usually need a low-emissivity coating to block harmful rays. For newer windows, window film can enhance the building’s insulation, thereby reducing air leaks. Window films are often used as an energy-efficient retrofit for both classic homes and more modern buildings.

Blocking the sun’s glare is an important consideration. Tinted window film blocks around 90 percent of the sun’s glare.

Sun Masters Window Films

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