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At their December meeting, the International Window Films Association(IWFA), elected two new officers, raising their numbers from 13 to 15 worldwide. The IWFA is an international non-profit that promotes the use of window films to residential and commercial consumers across the globe.

Window Films

It is the mission of the IWFA to showcase window films as a product that reduces energy costs, delivers comfort and offers smart and safe design alternatives for homes, commercial buildings, and automobiles. The IWFA is a unified body of industry leaders in the manufacture, distribution and installation of window films.

They aim to educate private and public business leaders about the benefits of window films. They advocate the life-saving protections afforded by window films from the sun’s harmful UV rays and the reduced dangers of glass-shard production during hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Homes &Office Buildings

Sun Masters in Houston installs window tinting in homes, retail stores and other businesses throughout the greater Houston area. It is our hope to assist families and businesses to realize the energy savings and effective reduction of damage to furnishings, floor coverings and interior designs by installing window films in your homes and businesses.

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Sun Masters, (281)351-4363, can help you save money on energy and interior design replacement through the application of window films in your homes, storefront windows and commercial office space. Use our convenient contact form to request a free estimate today

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