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Your furniture is important to you. Not only is furniture expensive, but it’s also deeply personal. It helps a house feel like a home and should provide years of comfort. You’re already aware of the damage that animals, insects, and water can cause to furniture. Did you know that something as simple as sunlight can also be damaging? Read on to learn how the sun causes furniture fading and how window films can provide a simple solution.

What Causes Furniture Fading?

Fading happens when the fabric or material that covers an object absorbs some of the light that hits the object’s surface. When certain materials are exposed to light, the light actually breaks down the chemical bonds within the material, causing the color of the material to appear dull. Most non-reflective surfaces are prone to fading over time.

How Window Films Can Help

Window films can help to prevent fading by reducing the amount of light that your furniture is exposed to. Window films block 99% of ultraviolet light, which is the most damaging type of light ray. While some fading will still happen as your furniture ages, the fading will be drastically reduced.

Quick, Easy Window Film Installation

Adding window films doesn’t have to be a complicated DIY project! At Sun Masters, we will install your window films quickly so you can get professional results in a snap. For more information or to receive a free quote, call us at 281-351-4363.

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