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Commercial coatings or window films for your business’ windows can eliminate the need for curtains and blinds and the expense of cleaning those. Curtains and blinds gather dust and allergens that can make your employees sick. Even if you like the look of draperies in your office, window films will keep direct UV rays from fading your drapes prematurely, which will help them look fresher longer.

Plus, furnishings, interior paints, cabinets and desks will maintain their natural luster rather than fade from the effects of the sun. Therefore, you will save money by not replacing interior furnishings or painting as often.

Window Films Add Safety

Many Houston area businesses have already benefited greatly from coating their traditionally clear glass with window tint. This film not only adds a decorative look and saves energy but additionally adds safety. During Harvey’s high winds many businesses avoided the danger of flying glass because the protective film adhered to the glass, so there was less water damage and less glass to clean up.

Window Films Add Curb Appeal

The sleek darkened look of tinted windows adds curb appeal to your business. Improved window tints reduce glare by up to 83 percent over those developed even ten years ago. Less glare means a warmer allure and exterior attractiveness that will entice potential customers to come into your business.

The Commercial Photo Gallery

Visit the Sun Masters commercial photo gallery to get some idea of how well our professional window films can strengthen your business’ exterior design. See what the stores and restaurants in your community have done and get an idea of what you can do to refurbish your building’s exterior.

You don’t need to completely darken your windows to realize up to an 85 percent reduction in UV rays entering your staff’s workplace. However, you should consider the reduced cost of air conditioning your business space throughout the hot Texas summers.

Sun Masters Window Tinting –Houston’s Finest

Call Sun Masters at (281) 351-4363 or visit our website and browse Houston businesses that have chosen to reduce costs and increase employee productivity and performance. Then, use the convenient contact form to arrange a consultation appointment or a free estimate. Let us show you how much adding window films can save you.

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