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Enjoy Cool Comfort with Our Tinting Products. Lower Room Temps,

up to 15° and Lower Your Utility Bill from 30% to 50%.

Reduce Shatter and Scatter with the Toughest Security Films on the Market. If your Glass Breaks, the Film Helps Hold the Fragments Together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tint

Will window film help lower utility costs all year round?
Yes. Solar control window film rejects heat in the summer months by insulating your glass. This will reduce heat loss in the winter months. Making your home or office more energy efficient all year round.
Is window film safe for dual-pane glass?
Yes. Our window films are tested and guaranteed dual-pane safe. Sun Masters Glass Tinting will provide glass breakage and seal failure warranties with all installations.
Can film be applied to ‘Low-E’ glass?
Absolutely. While Low Emissive glass is a more energy efficient glass for most seasons, we can make it better. With Houston’s extreme temperatures, Low-E glass can fall well short of the level of protection window film can provide.
Does your window film require special care?
No. Sun Masters window films are safe to clean with any window cleaners. Because of their scratch resistant coatings, any soft cloth or paper towel will do
Can I still see out of my home once film is applied?
Yes, when Sun Masters films are applied your windows, your view will be enhanced, just like putting sunglasses on your home. This will reduce glare, improve your view and allow you to see true colors when looking out.
Do your products come with a warranty?
Yes, all products are sold with warranties backed by the product manufacturer. Residentially, Sun Master films come with a lifetime warranty. Commercially, Sun Master films come with a 10- 12 year warranty.
Can my plants survive with the application of window film?
Even after rejecting the 99.9% Ultra-violet rays, there is still enough UV and light for plants to survive and grow. Most plants thrive behind filmed glass.
Does window film hold glass together in the event of a break in or impact?
Yes. Due to the strength of the film and the adhesive, window film will keep shards of glass intact. Window film is also available in various thicknesses to provide an invisible barrier against crime or to help prevent injury from flying glass.
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