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In 2021, a newly constructed building faced a fire hazard due to heat from its glass, emphasizing the impact of sunlight on windows. While curved windows often pose this risk, even flat panes contribute to building heat. Commercial window tinting becomes a popular solution, reducing heat, UV, and light.

However, achieving flawless window tinting isn’t a walk in the park. Several common mistakes can mar the process, resulting in both aesthetic and functional issues. Let’s explore seven errors to sidestep when tinting office windows.

7 Common Errors with Window Tinting

  • Choosing the Cheapest Film:
    Opt for quality over cost as window tints offer UV protection, heat absorption, and increased privacy. Investing in a cheap product not only jeopardizes longevity but also compromises safety benefits like holding glass together during disasters.
  • Choosing the Wrong Type of Film:
    Consider your needs—whether for privacy or decoration—before selecting the type of film.
    Internal frosted films differ from those needed for external windows, emphasizing the importance of understanding your requirements.
  • Not Deep Cleaning the Windows Beforehand:
    Ensure a film’s longevity by deep cleaning windows before application. A thorough cleanse, ideally by professional window cleaners, ensures a pristine surface for optimal film adherence.
  • Cleaning Windows With Alcohol:
    Avoid using alcohol or cleaning products that leave residues. A clear surface is crucial for the window tinting process, and professional cleaners can guarantee residue-free results.
  • Leaving Air Bubbles:
    Combat distracting air bubbles by applying window film to a clean, wet window. Professional installers have the expertise to position the film flawlessly and eliminate air bubbles effectively.
  • Handling the Process Yourself:
    Entrust window tinting to professionals who can guide you in choosing the right film for your space. Their expertise ensures a seamless application, avoiding common DIY mishaps.
  • Choosing the Wrong Installer:
    Select a reliable contractor by checking for signs of trustworthiness, such as warranties and positive customer reviews. A professional team with excellent customer service will make your window tinting experience smooth and worry-free.

Summing Up

Avoiding these window tinting errors is simplified by choosing the right team for the job. Professional installers at Sun Masters Window Tinting not only recommend suitable films but also ensure proper treatment and flawless application, providing the best solution for your business. Call us today at (281) 932-0643 to book an appointment with our professional.

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