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One incredible benefit homeowners and businesses realize from window tinting is energy savings, but that is just the beginning. Although window tintings reflection of the sun’s rays keeps energy costs down in the hot summer months by reducing the need for air conditioning, it also keeps damaging ultra-violet (UV) rays from fading paint, wallpaper, furnishings, carpets, and artwork. Plus, the bond formed makes the windows stronger and more resistant to breakage.

UV Protection

Our fine furnishings and flooring take a daily beating from the sun’s destructive UV rays. Antiques, artwork, and expensive rugs lose value rapidly from this torture. Did you know that a 7’ by 5’ Silk Isfahan rug sold at auction in 2008 for nearly $4.5 million? Although the buyer probably doesn’t display that in their dining room or den, many of us have high-value rugs and carpets as part of our home décor. Even less expensive rugs would need replacement or look slightly shabby after a year or two of damaging UV rays. It is particularly noticeable when furniture gets rearranged. Window tinting can help protect our valuable home furnishings by reducing fading by 40 percent or more.

Window Breakage

High-velocity Texas winds often rattle the windows of your home or business. However, during extreme weather such as that experienced during Harvey, the winds can hurl objects against our windows. The resultant broken glass becomes dangerous splinters and shards which are propelled through homes and businesses. Although the windows of many new businesses have safety glass, older small businesses might not.

Applied window tinting bonds with the window making it less susceptible to breakage from high-force winds. When the storm throws debris against the glass, it will still break, of course, but the bond created by the film will hold the glass together and reduce the chance of flying weapons.

Anyone that has ever played catch with their kids in the backyard knows high winds are not the only threat to single-pain glass windows. Likewise, an intruder who tries to gain entry into your home by breaking a glass window might find it more difficult than they expected. And, the window tinting will provide a level of protection for the window sensors connected to your home security system.

Sun Masters Window Tinting –Houston’s Finest

Call Sun Masters, (281)351-4363 to save your interior designs from the constant torment of the sun’s UV rays and minimize the damage caused by nature’s acts and the intentional acts of intruders. Visit Sun Masters and gather some ideas for your home or business.Then, use the handy contact form and schedule an appointment. We will provide a free consultation and estimate of window tinting your home or business.

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